T221763: Page rename (Special:MovePage) can throw InvalidArgumentException: Title does not belong to page ID X but actually belong to Y.

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Phabricator Link T221763
Status open
Priority high (red)
Author jijiki (effie mouzeli)
Owner daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
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      Change Subject Status Owner Created Last Modified Project
      562591 RevisionStoreRecord: improve reporting of mismatching titles. MERGED Daniel Kinzler 07 Jan 2020 08 Jan 2020 mediawiki/core
      562590 FlaggedRevision: load revision from master when appropriate. NEW Daniel Kinzler 07 Jan 2020 07 Jan 2020 mediawiki/extensions/FlaggedRevs
      525473 Use READ_LATEST during LinksUpdate MERGED Tim Starling 25 Jul 2019 25 Jul 2019 mediawiki/extensions/PageImages