Tasks by Project: Multi-Content-Revisions (MCR-SDC File Caption Support - phase 2)

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13 Phabricator task(s).

Phabricator Link Wiki Link Status Priority Author Owner Tags Projects Subtasks Parent Tasks
T174035 T174035: Allow the view action to show multiple slots [MCR] resolved high (red) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T174036 T174036: Diffs page should show diffs and content from multiple slots [MCR] resolved needs triage (violet) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T194048 T194048: Introduce RevisionRenderer (baseline) resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T194263 T194263: Deprecate/Remove ContentHandler::makeParserOptions() resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T194729 T194729: Allow Wikibase Entities to be stored in alternative slots [MCR] resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T194731 T194731: Show diffs for all slots [MCR] resolved needs triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T198701 T198701: Create RevisionStoreFactory [MCR] resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T200216 T200216: Make undo work with SDC by showing a UI to confirm undo without allowing an edit resolved low (yellow) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T200568 T200568: Make API query modules aware of MCR resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T200569 T200569: Make ApiComparePages API module aware of MCR resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T201218 T201218: Viewing page's first revision via diff gives error resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T201842 T201842: Use ContentHandler to obtain DifferenceEngine in MobileFrontend resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T203661 T203661: Old page title is displayed after renaming a page until the page is subsequently edited/null edited resolved needs triage (violet) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)