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T174024 T174024: Implement MCR revision retrieval interface resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T174044 T174044: Deploy MCR storage layer resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T180210 T180210: Improve test coverage for Revision class resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T180989 T180989: Improve Test Coverage for WikiPage class resolved high (red) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T183777 T183777: Some PHPUnit tests consistently fail when collecting coverage report resolved needs triage (violet)
T187153 T187153: Special:Abuselog throws when viewing details or examining (BadMethodCallException: Call get getId() on null) stalled high (red) Daimona
T194729 T194729: Allow Wikibase Entities to be stored in alternative slots [MCR] resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T196172 T196172: Test schema migration script resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T196585 T196585: Deploy some MCR related patches on test / group0 for an extended period resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T196653 T196653: Test MCR Storage Layer Patches resolved normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T198701 T198701: Create RevisionStoreFactory [MCR] resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T198704 T198704: Use a consistent caching strategy within Revision storage classes resolved needs triage (violet) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T201137 T201137: WikibaseLexeme 'jenkins_u0_mw.unittest_content_models' doesn't exist resolved high (red) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T202142 T202142: Create a Constant in Mediawiki for the name of the 'main' slot for MCR resolved needs triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T202706 T202706: wmf.18 - "Failed to load blob from address" while merging entities resolved high (red) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T204770 T204770: Wikibase RepoHooks:onContentModelCanBeUsedOn must be updated to work with MCR resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T217329 T217329: bug in 1.33.0-wmf.18 breaks abstract dumps on testwikidatawiki | MWContentSerializationException $entityId and $targetId can not be the same open normal (orange)