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T107595 T107595: [RFC] Multi-Content Revisions resolved normal (orange) brion (Brion Vibber)
T185793 T185793: Revision hash needs to consider content model and slot role open needs triage (violet)
T190063 T190063: Tracking dependencies for multiple Content objects per page (MCR) resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T198099 T198099: Improve MCR handling of RevisionAccessException family open normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T198449 T198449: Rollback from autopatrolled user was marked as not patrolled resolved high (red) matej_suchanek (Matěj Suchánek)
T198561 T198561: Make "write both, read new" the default MCR migration stage for fresh MediaWiki installs / for CI resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T199121 T199121: RFC: Spec for representing multiple content objects per revision (MCR) in XML dumps resolved normal (orange) ArielGlenn (ariel)
T201164 T201164: Temporarily disable deprecation warnings for code that accesses rev_text_id or the text table directly resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)