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T206090 T206090: Certain Special:MobileDiff urls fatal with "Bad value for parameter $old: must be a TextContent" resolved high (red) kostajh (Kosta Harlan)
T208769 T208769: Ensure that AbuseFilter applies to the content of all MCR slots resolved high (red) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
T208770 T208770: Ensure TitleBlacklist applies when the context is an MCR page resolved normal (orange) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
T208771 T208771: Ensure ConfirmEdit applies when the context is an MCR page resolved normal (orange) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
T208929 T208929: RevisionAccessException from ApiComparePages.php: Could not determine title for page/revision ID resolved needs triage (violet) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T209291 T209291: Make AbuseFilter::revisionToString work across slots resolved high (red) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T209423 T209423: Installer fails due to a Call Stack resolved needs triage (violet) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
T210307 T210307: Forcelinkupdate appears to have stopped working (on ENWIKI at least) resolved high (red) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T211473 T211473: JADE\Tests\Hooks\MoveHooksTest::testOnMovePageIsValidMove is broken resolved needs triage (violet) Halfak (Aaron Halfaker, EpochFail, halfak)
T214308 T214308: Force usage of MCR aware database schema resolved normal (orange) Clarakosi (Clara Andrew-Wani)
T217829 T217829: Update populateRevisionSha1.php to run over the content table resolved normal (orange) BPirkle (BPirkle)
T217831 T217831: Add a check to populateContentTables.php to ensure that populateRevisionSha1.php is run first resolved normal (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T224949 T224949: Failed to access name from slot_roles using id = 1 resolved high (red) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T33223 T33223: Remove old archive.ar_text/archive.ar_flags resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T36925 T36925: [MCR] create maintenance script for Migration of text from archive table to text table resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)