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  1. Tasks by Author
  2. Deployment Pert Chart
  3. Tasks by MCR Column
  4. Multi-Content Revisions Development
  5. Mermaid Non-SDC Pert Chart
  6. Mermaid Pert Chart
  7. Mermaid Phase 1 Pert Chart
  8. Mermaid Phase 2 Pert Chart
  9. Non-SDC Pert Chart
  10. Open Task Pert Chart (Deployment)
  11. Open Task Pert Chart (New Features)
  12. Open Task Pert Chart (Reactive)
  13. Open Task Pert Chart (Tech Debt)
  14. Tasks by Owner
  15. Pert Chart
  16. Phase 1 Pert Chart
  17. Phase 2 Pert Chart
  18. Phase 3 Pert Chart
  19. Tasks by Priority
  20. Tasks by Project
  21. Tasks by Status
  22. Tasks by Tag
  23. T183777: Some PHPUnit tests consistently fail when collecting coverage report
  24. T183798: Flaky user tests/De-captialising tests/phpunit/includes/Storage shouldn't cause user test breakages
  25. T186371: Redesign revision-related event schemas for MCR
  26. T187153: Special:Abuselog throws when viewing details or examining (BadMethodCallException: Call get getId() on null)
  27. T188396: It should be possible to understand the reason of revision creation from RevisionRecordInserted hook
  28. T194429: Remove the need to generate ParserOutput before PageContentSave hook is called
  29. T194730: Ensure that Wikibase data access to MediaInfo on file description pages works with MCR
  30. T195212: ServiceContainer: Allow extensions to manipulate services upon creation
  31. T195692: Attempt to undelete page causes error: Fatal exception of type IncompleteRevisionException: user_text field must not be !
  32. T198024: [[MediaWiki:Undo-main-slot-only]] translation issue
  33. T198449: Rollback from autopatrolled user was marked as not patrolled
  34. T198704: Use a consistent caching strategy within Revision storage classes
  35. T198869: [Bug] CentralNotice: "Failed to load data blob" error when editing translatable messages
  36. T199416: Cache update time for Gadgets and Common.js/css regressed from 5 min to 1 hour
  37. T199504: Editing of content model other than wikitext fails
  38. T200121: Fatal exception of type "InvalidArgumentException" while undeleting a file on Commons in RevisionStoreRecord.php: The given Title does not belong to page ID 50301569 but actually belongs to 53495560
  39. T200762: Integration broken on MassMessage
  40. T200823: Site stats not updating when links added to pages
  41. T200918: Make sure code that accesses legacy pre-MCR fields triggers warnings before switching off WRITE_OLD (compat) mode.
  42. T201137: WikibaseLexeme 'jenkins_u0_mw.unittest_content_models' doesn't exist
  43. T201218: Viewing page's first revision via diff gives error
  44. T202142: Create a Constant in Mediawiki for the name of the 'main' slot for MCR
  45. T202633: Error reporting from populateArchiveRevId.php and deduplicateArchiveRevId.php
  46. T202686: [Regression wmf.18] "Falling back to DifferenceEngineSlotDiffRenderer" logspam
  47. T202706: wmf.18 - "Failed to load blob from address" while merging entities
  48. T202920: null argument on DifferenceEngine->generateContentDiffBody() on Special:Undelete
  49. T203661: Old page title is displayed after renaming a page until the page is subsequently edited/null edited
  50. T203716: Duplicate mw-parser-output elements in action=parse API output
  51. T203982: update.php fails for wikis with zero revisions
  52. T204158: Review namespacing of MCR classes
  53. T204475: update.php ends without messages after MCR migration when using WinCache
  54. T204764: DB error in PageTriage: Unknown column 'actor_rev_user.actor_user' in 'on clause'
  55. T204770: Wikibase RepoHooks:onContentModelCanBeUsedOn must be updated to work with MCR
  56. T205369: Investigate > 40% Save Timing regression (2018-09-05)
  57. T205464: Flaky unit test "DerivedPageDataUpdaterTest::testGetPreparedEditAfterPrepareUpdate"
  58. T205578: Admins cannot view revision-deleted revisions
  59. T205675: Move action aborted by fatal error "Argument must be MediaWiki\Storage\RevisionRecord, null given"
  60. T205936: Unable to view some pages due to fatal RevisionAccessException: "Failed to load data blob from tt"
  61. T206090: Certain Special:MobileDiff urls fatal with "Bad value for parameter $old: must be a TextContent"
  62. T207403: Update MobileFrontend editor for MCR
  63. T208929: RevisionAccessException from ApiComparePages.php: Could not determine title for page/revision ID
  64. T209202: Page Move Internal Error
  65. T209423: Installer fails due to a Call Stack
  66. T210307: Forcelinkupdate appears to have stopped working (on ENWIKI at least)
  67. T211473: JADE\Tests\Hooks\MoveHooksTest::testOnMovePageIsValidMove is broken
  68. T212428: includes/Revision/RevisionStore.php: Main slot of revision (number) not found in database!
  69. T214062: updateSearchIndex.php fails with Error: 1100 Table 'slots' was not locked with LOCK TABLES
  70. T214267: Name of slots should be localized in diff
  71. T217329: bug in 1.33.0-wmf.18 breaks abstract dumps on testwikidatawiki | MWContentSerializationException $entityId and $targetId can not be the same
  72. T220450: Make Postgres search use a searchindex table
  73. T220525: MCR: Import all slots from XML dumps
  74. T221763: Page rename (Special:MovePage) can throw InvalidArgumentException: Title does not belong to page ID X but actually belong to Y.
  75. T224949: Failed to access name from slot_roles using id = 1
  76. T225305: Access key not set for MCR undo summary

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