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  1. T203982: update.php fails for wikis with zero revisions
  2. T204158: Review namespacing of MCR classes
  3. T204475: update.php ends without messages after MCR migration when using WinCache
  4. T204764: DB error in PageTriage: Unknown column 'actor_rev_user.actor_user' in 'on clause'
  5. T204770: Wikibase RepoHooks:onContentModelCanBeUsedOn must be updated to work with MCR
  6. T205369: Investigate > 40% Save Timing regression (2018-09-05)
  7. T205464: Flaky unit test "DerivedPageDataUpdaterTest::testGetPreparedEditAfterPrepareUpdate"
  8. T205578: Admins cannot view revision-deleted revisions
  9. T205675: Move action aborted by fatal error "Argument must be MediaWiki\Storage\RevisionRecord, null given"
  10. T205936: Unable to view some pages due to fatal RevisionAccessException: "Failed to load data blob from tt"
  11. T206090: Certain Special:MobileDiff urls fatal with "Bad value for parameter $old: must be a TextContent"
  12. T207403: Update MobileFrontend editor for MCR
  13. T208929: RevisionAccessException from ApiComparePages.php: Could not determine title for page/revision ID
  14. T209202: Page Move Internal Error
  15. T209423: Installer fails due to a Call Stack
  16. T210307: Forcelinkupdate appears to have stopped working (on ENWIKI at least)
  17. T211473: JADE\Tests\Hooks\MoveHooksTest::testOnMovePageIsValidMove is broken
  18. T212428: includes/Revision/RevisionStore.php: Main slot of revision (number) not found in database!
  19. T214062: updateSearchIndex.php fails with Error: 1100 Table 'slots' was not locked with LOCK TABLES
  20. T214267: Name of slots should be localized in diff
  21. T217329: bug in 1.33.0-wmf.18 breaks abstract dumps on testwikidatawiki | MWContentSerializationException $entityId and $targetId can not be the same
  22. T220450: Make Postgres search use a searchindex table
  23. T220525: MCR: Import all slots from XML dumps
  24. T221763: Page rename (Special:MovePage) can throw InvalidArgumentException: Title does not belong to page ID X but actually belong to Y.
  25. T224949: Failed to access name from slot_roles using id = 1
  26. T225305: Access key not set for MCR undo summary

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