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  27. T107595: [RFC] Multi-Content Revisions
  28. T117279: [EPIC] Core should provide inline diffs as well as side by side (Move InlineDifferenceEngine into core / remove MobileDiff)
  29. T159708: Deploy WikibaseMediaInfo extension to production
  30. T161671: Compacting the revision table
  31. T167246: Refactor "user" & "user_text" fields into "actor" reference table
  32. T174022: Implement multi-content revisions
  33. T174023: Implement MCR storage layer
  34. T174024: Implement MCR revision retrieval interface
  35. T174025: Implement MCR revision retrieval legacy version
  36. T174028: Finalize database schema for MCR content meta-data
  37. T174030: Implement DB schema migration tools for MCR
  38. T174031: MCR: Include all slots in XML dumps
  39. T174032: Make relevant API modules aware of MCR
  40. T174033: Refactor EditPage to allow multiple slots to be edited atomically [MCR]
  41. T174035: Allow the view action to show multiple slots [MCR]
  42. T174036: Diffs page should show diffs and content from multiple slots [MCR]
  43. T174037: Implement single-slot UI [MCR]
  44. T174038: Initial implementation of MCR page update interface
  45. T174043: Deploy Multi-Content Revisions
  46. T174044: Deploy MCR storage layer
  47. T174045: DB schema migration for MCR
  48. T174047: Hide deprecated/unused fields on toolforge replica [MCR]
  49. T180210: Improve test coverage for Revision class
  50. T180989: Improve Test Coverage for WikiPage class
  51. T182678: [MCR] Script for populating empty ar_rev_id fields
  52. T182682: [MCR] Script(s) for populating new tables (slots, content, content_models, slot_roles)
  53. T183486: MCR schema migration stage 0: create tables
  54. T183487: MCR schema migration stage 3: stop using legacy fields
  55. T183488: MCR schema migration stage 2: populate new fields
  56. T183489: MCR schema migration stage 1: Fix Legacy Archive Rows
  57. T183490: MCR schema migration stage 4: Migrate External Store URLs (wmf production)
  58. T183777: Some PHPUnit tests consistently fail when collecting coverage report
  59. T183798: Flaky user tests/De-captialising tests/phpunit/includes/Storage shouldn't cause user test breakages
  60. T184629: Run maintenance/migrateArchiveText.php on all wikis
  61. T185793: Revision hash needs to consider content model and slot role
  62. T186371: Redesign revision-related event schemas for MCR
  63. T187153: Special:Abuselog throws when viewing details or examining (BadMethodCallException: Call get getId() on null)
  64. T187935: Allow cross-slot access during HTML rendering.
  65. T188396: It should be possible to understand the reason of revision creation from RevisionRecordInserted hook
  66. T189220: Ensure that relevant extensions are MCR-aware
  67. T189808: Make undo work with multiple slots.
  68. T190063: Tracking dependencies for multiple Content objects per page (MCR)
  69. T190066: Expose all slots to the search interface
  70. T191795: Support MCR in mobile
  71. T192306: Create MCR test wiki on WM Cloud
  72. T192307: Provide MCR-aware hook points
  73. T192926: Schema change to drop archive.ar_text and archive.ar_flags
  74. T193180: Clean up archive rows with duplicate revision IDs
  75. T194015: Make PageArchive aware of MCR
  76. T194034: Make rollback inherit all slots from the target version
  77. T194037: Track dependencies for multiple Content objects per page
  78. T194038: Introduce ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates to replace Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates
  79. T194042: Replace usages of WikiPage::prepareContentForEdit
  80. T194043: Replace usages of Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates
  81. T194046: Introduce SlotRoleHandler and SlotRoleRegistry for declaring slot roles.
  82. T194048: Introduce RevisionRenderer (baseline)
  83. T194049: Introduce SlotRenderingProvider
  84. T194263: Deprecate/Remove ContentHandler::makeParserOptions()
  85. T194412: Make undo fail gracefully for non-main slots.
  86. T194429: Remove the need to generate ParserOutput before PageContentSave hook is called
  87. T194729: Allow Wikibase Entities to be stored in alternative slots [MCR]
  88. T194730: Ensure that Wikibase data access to MediaInfo on file description pages works with MCR
  89. T194731: Show diffs for all slots [MCR]
  90. T194734: Implement edit conflict resolution for MCR
  91. T194736: Implement automatic conflict resolution for all slots [MCR]
  92. T194750: Deploy Structured Data on Commons baseline
  93. T194830: Refactor DifferenceEngine
  94. T195069: Factor PageStore and PageRecord out of WikiPage
  95. T195212: ServiceContainer: Allow extensions to manipulate services upon creation
  96. T195692: Attempt to undelete page causes error: Fatal exception of type IncompleteRevisionException: user_text field must not be !
  97. T195779: MCR support in ORES
  98. T195980: Write a specification for the architecture for handling slots
  99. T196082: npm install for selenium tests not working on labs-vagrant
  100. T196087: Refactored implementation of MCR page update interface

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