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  1. T196172: Test schema migration script
  2. T196585: Deploy some MCR related patches on test / group0 for an extended period
  3. T196653: Test MCR Storage Layer Patches
  4. T197619: Introduce SCHEMA_COMPAT_XXX constants to allow more fine grained control over the migration process
  5. T197685: Clarify semantics of "base revision" and "parent revision" in EditPage, WikiPage, and PageUpdater
  6. T197816: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read old" on live systems
  7. T197817: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read old" on testwiki
  8. T197818: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read old" on commons beta.
  9. T198024: [[MediaWiki:Undo-main-slot-only]] translation issue
  10. T198075: RFC: factoring page update logic out of WikiPage
  11. T198099: Improve MCR handling of RevisionAccessException family
  12. T198297: Use PageUpdater to create dummy revisions
  13. T198308: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read new" on live systems
  14. T198309: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read new" on testwiki
  15. T198311: Enable MCR migration stage "write both, read new" on commons beta.
  16. T198312: Set the WMF cluster to use the new MCR-only schema
  17. T198341: Remove all references to the rev_text_id and ar_text_id fields
  18. T198342: Remove all usages of the 'text' flag in calls to Revision::getQueryInfo() and RevisionStore::getQueryInfo().
  19. T198343: Replace all calls to Revision::getRevisionText()
  20. T198413: Allow multiple slots to be used while still writing to the old as well as the new schema
  21. T198449: Rollback from autopatrolled user was marked as not patrolled
  22. T198492: Create a maintenance script to drop rev_text_id and ar_text_id from the database.
  23. T198557: Remove the ability to write pre-MCR fields, limit the ability to read pre-MCR fields to migration scripts
  24. T198558: Set testwiki to use the new MCR-only schema
  25. T198559: Set Beta Cluster wikis to use the new MCR-only schema
  26. T198561: Make "write both, read new" the default MCR migration stage for fresh MediaWiki installs / for CI
  27. T198563: Make "write both, read old" the default MCR migration stage on master / for CI
  28. T198701: Create RevisionStoreFactory [MCR]
  29. T198704: Use a consistent caching strategy within Revision storage classes
  30. T198706: Make BackupDumper, WikiExporter and XmlDumpWriter compliant with the MCR revision retrival mechanism (main slot only)
  31. T198869: [Bug] CentralNotice: "Failed to load data blob" error when editing translatable messages
  32. T199121: RFC: Spec for representing multiple content objects per revision (MCR) in XML dumps
  33. T199352: Deploy Structured Data on Commons with arbitrary Statements
  34. T199375: Complete implementation and deployment of MCR SDC baseline (CDP4)
  35. T199416: Cache update time for Gadgets and Common.js/css regressed from 5 min to 1 hour
  36. T199504: Editing of content model other than wikitext fails
  37. T200121: Fatal exception of type "InvalidArgumentException" while undeleting a file on Commons in RevisionStoreRecord.php: The given Title does not belong to page ID 50301569 but actually belongs to 53495560
  38. T200216: Make undo work with SDC by showing a UI to confirm undo without allowing an edit
  39. T200568: Make API query modules aware of MCR
  40. T200569: Make ApiComparePages API module aware of MCR
  41. T200570: Make ApiEditPage and ApiStashEdit API modules aware of MCR
  42. T200572: Make ApiParse API module aware of MCR
  43. T200653: Error undeleting page: IncompleteRevisionException: sha1 field must not be !
  44. T200687: MCR support in TemplateStyles
  45. T200762: Integration broken on MassMessage
  46. T200823: Site stats not updating when links added to pages
  47. T200915: Allow SlotRoleHandlers to control page layout
  48. T200918: Make sure code that accesses legacy pre-MCR fields triggers warnings before switching off WRITE_OLD (compat) mode.
  49. T201137: WikibaseLexeme 'jenkins_u0_mw.unittest_content_models' doesn't exist
  50. T201164: Temporarily disable deprecation warnings for code that accesses rev_text_id or the text table directly

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