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12 Phabricator task(s).

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T192306 T192306: Create MCR test wiki on WM Cloud resolved normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T194043 T194043: Replace usages of Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates resolved normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T194049 T194049: Introduce SlotRenderingProvider invalid normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T194731 T194731: Show diffs for all slots [MCR] resolved needs triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T196653 T196653: Test MCR Storage Layer Patches resolved normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T200823 T200823: Site stats not updating when links added to pages resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T201218 T201218: Viewing page's first revision via diff gives error resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T201842 T201842: Use ContentHandler to obtain DifferenceEngine in MobileFrontend resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T202142 T202142: Create a Constant in Mediawiki for the name of the 'main' slot for MCR resolved needs triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T202920 T202920: null argument on DifferenceEngine->generateContentDiffBody() on Special:Undelete resolved needs triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T203716 T203716: Duplicate mw-parser-output elements in action=parse API output resolved high (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
T205578 T205578: Admins cannot view revision-deleted revisions resolved normal (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)