T174025: Implement MCR revision retrieval legacy version

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Phabricator Link T174025
Status resolved
Priority normal (orange)
Author [1]
Owner daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
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      Gerrit.png Related Gerrit Changes:

      Change Subject Status Owner Created Last Modified Project
      483158 Fix unexpected null return value in Revision::getComment ABANDONED Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) 09 Jan 2019 20 Feb 2019 mediawiki/core
      484424 Fix documentation for Revision::getComment and WikiPage::getComment MERGED Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) 15 Jan 2019 16 Feb 2019 mediawiki/core
      484425 Fix documentation for RevisionRecord::$mPageId MERGED Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) 15 Jan 2019 31 Jan 2019 mediawiki/core
      399174 MCR: Deprecate and gut Revision class MERGED Daniel Kinzler 19 Dec 2017 15 Jan 2019 mediawiki/core
      374077 [MCR] Break Revision into RevisionRecord and RevisionStore MERGED Daniel Kinzler 27 Aug 2017 14 Dec 2017 mediawiki/core

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