T187153: Special:Abuselog throws when viewing details or examining (BadMethodCallException: Call get getId() on null)

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Phabricator Link T187153
Status stalled
Priority high (red)
Author [1]
Owner Daimona
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      Change Subject Status Owner Created Last Modified Project
      647123 Remove more BC code MERGED Daimona Eaytoy 09 Dec 2020 09 Dec 2020 mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter
      482499 Add a maintenance script to clean afl_var_dump MERGED Daimona Eaytoy 06 Jan 2019 03 Mar 2020 mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter
      533704 Also catch Error in the hacky workaround for bad rows MERGED Daimona Eaytoy 31 Aug 2019 02 Sep 2019 mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter
      510725 Temporarily catch another BadMethodCallException MERGED Daimona Eaytoy 16 May 2019 19 May 2019 mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter
      502946 Temporarily catch BadMethodCallException when computing _links vars MERGED Daimona Eaytoy 11 Apr 2019 12 Apr 2019 mediawiki/extensions/AbuseFilter
      481014 Revision: Assert that $mRecord is never null in Revision MERGED Daniel Kinzler 20 Dec 2018 21 Dec 2018 mediawiki/core

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