T198343: Replace all calls to Revision::getRevisionText()

From mcr
Phabricator Link T198343
Status resolved
Priority high (red)
Author [1]
Owner Pchelolo
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      Gerrit.png Related Gerrit Changes:

      Change Subject Status Owner Created Last Modified Project
      539607 Hard deprecate Revision::getRevisionText() method MERGED Ppchelko 27 Sep 2019 30 Oct 2019 mediawiki/core
      524572 Remove usage of getRevisionText from maintenance scripts ABANDONED Daniel Kinzler 19 Jul 2019 30 Sep 2019 mediawiki/core
      538314 Remove Revision::getRevisionText and gated pre-MCR schema access MERGED Ppchelko 20 Sep 2019 27 Sep 2019 mediawiki/core
      538083 Remove Revision::getRevisionText from migrateArchiveText MERGED Ppchelko 19 Sep 2019 23 Sep 2019 mediawiki/core
      537759 Remove Revision::getRevisionText from ApiQueryDeletedrevs MERGED Ppchelko 18 Sep 2019 19 Sep 2019 mediawiki/core

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