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10 Phabricator task(s).

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T186371 T186371: Redesign revision-related event schemas for MCR open low (yellow) Pchelolo
T189808 T189808: Make undo work with multiple slots. open low (yellow)
T195069 T195069: Factor PageStore and PageRecord out of WikiPage open low (yellow)
T195779 T195779: MCR support in ORES open low (yellow)
T200216 T200216: Make undo work with SDC by showing a UI to confirm undo without allowing an edit resolved low (yellow) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T200687 T200687: MCR support in TemplateStyles open low (yellow)
T202633 T202633: Error reporting from populateArchiveRevId.php and deduplicateArchiveRevId.php open low (yellow)
T209044 T209044: Introduce a ContentStore service to allow certain types of content to not be stored as serialized blobs. open low (yellow)
T209927 T209927: Decide how to control which slots are offered for editing per default open low (yellow)
T214267 T214267: Name of slots should be localized in diff open low (yellow) BPirkle (BPirkle)