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7 Phabricator task(s).

Phabricator Link Wiki Link Status Priority Author Owner Tags Projects Subtasks Parent Tasks
T174028 T174028: Finalize database schema for MCR content meta-data resolved needs triage (violet) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
T180210 T180210: Improve test coverage for Revision class resolved needs triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T180989 T180989: Improve Test Coverage for WikiPage class resolved high (red) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
T182678 T182678: [MCR] Script for populating empty ar_rev_id fields resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T209423 T209423: Installer fails due to a Call Stack resolved needs triage (violet) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
T33223 T33223: Remove old archive.ar_text/archive.ar_flags resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)
T36925 T36925: [MCR] create maintenance script for Migration of text from archive table to text table resolved normal (orange) Anomie (Brad Jorsch)