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T245477: OAuth server should provide clear and useful feedback about client errors

From cpt
Phabricator Link T245477
Status open
Priority Needs Triage (violet)
Phabricator Task Created 2020/02/17 08:12 PM
Wiki Page Created 2020/02/17 10:52 PM
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Authored By Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
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Platform Engineering Initiative Column MW REST API in PHP
Platform Team Workboards Column
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Project Column Date
MediaWiki-extensions-OAuth 17 February 2020
Epic 17 February 2020
MediaWiki-extensions-OAuth Backlog 17 February 2020
MediaWiki-extensions-OAuth Consumer wants 17 February 2020
Platform Team Initiatives (OAuth 2.0) 17 February 2020
Platform Team Initiatives (OAuth 2.0) 18 March 2020
Platform Team Initiatives (MW REST API in PHP) 18 March 2020