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T100099 T100099: Meeting: Automatic deployment of backend services on beta cluster declined Medium (orange) hashar (Antoine "hashar" Musso)
T100373 T100373: WebAuthn (U2F) integration for Extension:OATHAuth resolved Medium (orange) Parent5446 (Tyler Romeo) ItSpiderman
T100459 T100459: SiteMatrix API has two fields called "code", which is confusing open Needs Triage (violet) MC8 (Douglas Gardner)
    T100514 T100514: use binary data rather than text data for math_mathml, math_html and math_svg fields declined High (red) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz)
    • Math (Blocked: needs help)
      T100599 T100599: make-release should run a syntax checker over the generated tarball open Medium (orange) Legoktm (Legoktm)
        T100856 T100856: Migrate some semantic information from data-parsoid to data-mw open Medium (orange) ssastry (Subramanya Sastry)
          T100956 T100956: Support configuration settings that are filesystem paths in extension.json resolved Medium (orange) Paladox (Paladox) Legoktm (Legoktm)
          T101046 T101046: [EPIC] Use MCS as parser for main content in mobile web declined High (red) Jdlrobson (Jon Robson)
          T101112 T101112: Setup/rack new restbase servers resolved Needs Triage (violet) Cmjohnson (cmjohnson) Cmjohnson (cmjohnson)
            T101398 T101398: cxserver: rate limiting resolved Medium (orange) Nikerabbit (Niklas Laxström) santhosh (Santhosh Thottingal)
            T101501 T101501: RFC: HTML and wikitext save API end-points resolved High (red) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac)
              T101532 T101532: Continue returns the same data and iicontinue value over and over for some imageinfo queries open Needs Triage (violet) Ragesoss (Sage Ross)
                T101796 T101796: MobileDiff appears strangely empty if previous revision is hidden resolved Medium (orange) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof) ovasileva (Olga Vasileva)
                  T101887 T101887: Flow issues write queries on GET (read) requests resolved High (red) Catrope (Roan Kattouw)
                  T101888 T101888: TalkPageManager::getTalkPageManager unconditionally adds flow-bot group resolved High (red) Catrope (Roan Kattouw) Legoktm (Legoktm)
                    T101890 T101890: D3. EnsureFlowRevision() is called when viewing an unconverted page in an occupied namespace resolved High (red) Catrope (Roan Kattouw) matthiasmullie (Matthias Mullie)
                      T102015 T102015: put new restbase servers in service resolved Medium (orange) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi)
                      T102079 T102079: Metrics about the use of the Wikimedia web APIs resolved Medium (orange) Qgil (Quim Gil — Wikimedia Foundation) bd808 (Bryan Davis)
                      T102132 T102132: Entry in 'revision' table, but no entry in 'page' table (found in English Wikipedia -- rev_id: 611002002) duplicate Low (yellow) Halfak (Aaron Halfaker, EpochFail, halfak)
                        T102178 T102178: Fix RESTBase support for declined Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                          T102557 T102557: investigate new restbase machine disks timeouts resolved Medium (orange) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi) Cmjohnson (cmjohnson)
                            T102575 T102575: document graphite failover/backfill procedures resolved Medium (orange) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi)
                              T102788 T102788: [Task] Serializers should optionally fail when encountering derived data invalid Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                T102789 T102789: [Task] Unserializers should optionally allow derived data objects invalid Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                  T102791 T102791: Implement ExtendedPropertyValueSnak resolved Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
                                    T102833 T102833: [Task] Implement serializer and unserializer for derived values in a PropertyValueSnak invalid Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                    T102835 T102835: [Task] Implement service for placing derived values in PropertyValueSnak objects in the data model before serialization invalid Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                    • Wikidata (needs discussion or investigation)
                                    T102867 T102867: Expose page-global metadata and make it editable open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                      T102986 T102986: Request.logger doesn't log requestID in subsequent calls open Medium (orange) Mvolz (Marielle Volz)
                                        T103015 T103015: Update all example API requests to use formatversion=2 and https open Needs Triage (violet) Spage (S Page)
                                          T103281 T103281: "What links here" for article sections resolved Lowest (sky) Fixuture Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                                            T103429 T103429: Investigation: Parser save hook handler does master writes in GETs resolved High (red) aaron (Aaron Schulz) hoo (Marius Hoch)
                                              T103445 T103445: Content platform discussion: use cases resolved Needs Triage (violet) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke) Pchelolo
                                                T103461 T103461: Capturing and publish CPU Flame Graphs for Parsoid resolved Low (yellow) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                                                  T103811 T103811: Public API endpoints for new services resolved High (red) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac)
                                                    T104083 T104083: Include Flow revisions in RecentChanges API open Medium (orange) He7d3r (Helder)
                                                      T104180 T104180: Use datamodel serialization in Wikibase\Api\ResultBuilder resolved Medium (orange) Addshore (Adam_WMDE) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
                                                      T104181 T104181: Add AliasGroup Serializer & Deserializer resolved Needs Triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE) Bene (Bene)
                                                        T104182 T104182: Add TermList Serializer & Deserializer resolved Needs Triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE) Bene (Bene)
                                                          T104183 T104183: Add Term Serializer & Deserializer resolved Needs Triage (violet) Addshore (Adam_WMDE) Bene (Bene)
                                                            T104208 T104208: alternative Cassandra metrics reporting resolved Medium (orange) Eevans (Eric Evans) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi)
                                                              T104329 T104329: [Task] Create central registry for datatypes resolved Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                              T104341 T104341: Add flavor=basicdump declined Medium (orange) Karima (Karima Rafes)
                                                                T104380 T104380: Release Wikibase DataModel Serialization 1.5 resolved Medium (orange) Bene (Bene) Bene (Bene)
                                                                  T104650 T104650: Revision API cannot be cached in varnish when requested by a user with deletedtext or similar rights open Needs Triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                                                    T104755 T104755: Move URL-routing logic into MediaWiki open Medium (orange) ori (Ori Livneh)
                                                                    T104927 T104927: Use to style output, rather than wikitext styling open Medium (orange) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
                                                                    T105217 T105217: Shorten fileextensions in formatversion=2 open Needs Triage (violet) XZise (Fabian Neundorf)
                                                                      T105234 T105234: API: allredirects with arunique doesn't properly handle interwiki redirects open Needs Triage (violet) Lahwaacz (Lahwaacz)
                                                                        T105463 T105463: Use mapping instead of list in parameters of paraminfo open Needs Triage (violet) XZise (Fabian Neundorf)
                                                                          T105573 T105573: Automate grafana dashboard backups resolved Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke) fgiunchedi (Filippo Giunchedi)
                                                                            T105728 T105728: MySQL field aliases in select() should use quoting resolved Medium (orange) aaron (Aaron Schulz) Agabi10
                                                                              T105766 T105766: RFC: Dependency graph storage; sketch: adjacency list in DB invalid Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                T105780 T105780: Create a doc explaining the SLA between services and the monitoring tool open Medium (orange) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac)
                                                                                  T105813 T105813: Expose 'redirect chain is longer than $wgMaxRedirects' to API open Needs Triage (violet) jayvdb (John Vandenberg)
                                                                                    T105845 T105845: RFC: Page components / content widgets open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                    T105877 T105877: Enable image rotation on beta for testing purposes declined High (red) Reedy (Sam Reed) hashar (Antoine "hashar" Musso)
                                                                                      T106066 T106066: Don't show "Nonce already used" error on memcache failure open Medium (orange) Sitic (Jan Lebert)
                                                                                        T106099 T106099: RFC: Page composition using service workers and server-side JS fall-back declined Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                        T106104 T106104: [Task] Convert WikibaseQuality, WikibaseQualityConstraints and WikibaseQualityExternalValidation to use extension registration resolved Medium (orange) Liuxinyu970226 (Liu Xin Yu) MtDu (Justin Du)
                                                                                        T106116 T106116: The Doxygen version in CI parses README files as garbled C. resolved Low (yellow) Spage (S Page) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                                                                                          T106282 T106282: action=query list=checkuserlog API response is inconsistent with other action=query responses open Needs Triage (violet) lfaraone (Luke Faraone)
                                                                                            T106346 T106346: setup an alertable threshold for Cassandra heap dumps open Medium (orange) Eevans (Eric Evans)
                                                                                              T106351 T106351: RESTBase dashboard annotations for deployments (and more) open Medium (orange) Eevans (Eric Evans)
                                                                                                T106363 T106363: Migrate Flow content to new separate logical External Store in production declined High (red) matthiasmullie (Matthias Mullie)
                                                                                                T106374 T106374: DOI redirect handler for iopscience is very slow/ potentially causes citoid to behave oddly. open Medium (orange) Mvolz (Marielle Volz)
                                                                                                  T106388 T106388: Audit all existing code to ensure that any extension currently or previously adding blobs to ExternalStore has been registering a reference in the text table (and fix up if wrong) stalled Needs Triage (violet) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
                                                                                                  T106455 T106455: Add a first-class representation of pages (title-associated information) in restbase declined Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke) Pchelolo
                                                                                                    T106457 T106457: Sample StatsD requests resolved Needs Triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                                                                                      T106630 T106630: Migrate string constants resolved Medium (orange) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz) Whyameri (Whyameri)
                                                                                                      T106631 T106631: Define a renaming schema for string constants resolved Medium (orange) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz)
                                                                                                        T106635 T106635: Convert WikibaseQuery to use extension registration declined Medium (orange) Liuxinyu970226 (Liu Xin Yu) Lydia_Pintscher (Lydia Pintscher)
                                                                                                          T106762 T106762: Security review for firebase/php-jwt resolved High (red) Nikerabbit (Niklas Laxström) Nikerabbit (Niklas Laxström)
                                                                                                            T106863 T106863: Deprecate and remove the ungroupedlist api option resolved Medium (orange) Addshore (Adam_WMDE) Addshore (Adam_WMDE)
                                                                                                              T106890 T106890: smallmatrix not very small in MathML resolved Medium (orange) SalixAlba (Richard Morris) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz)
                                                                                                                T107005 T107005: FeaturedFeeds could implement a query list submodule open Needs Triage (violet) Spage (S Page)
                                                                                                                  T107108 T107108: Flow notification links on mobile point to desktop open Medium (orange) Jdlrobson (Jon Robson)
                                                                                                                    T107174 T107174: Add an API action to just change content model resolved Low (yellow) Legoktm (Legoktm) DannyS712
                                                                                                                      T107196 T107196: Set up revscoring entry points in RESTBase open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                                                      T107289 T107289: Use "&" instead of "\u0026" for urls in JS redirect pages (for easier copy/paste) open Lowest (sky) He7d3r (Helder)
                                                                                                                        T107395 T107395: Remove docroot:/images/mobile in favour of docroot:/static/images/mobile resolved Low (yellow) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                                                                                                                          T107595 T107595: [RFC] Multi-Content Revisions resolved Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler) brion (Brion Vibber)
                                                                                                                          T107610 T107610: Setup separate logical External Store for Flow in production declined High (red) Mattflaschen-WMF (Matthew Flaschen) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                                                                                                          T107914 T107914: Migrate content translation to the REST API open High (red) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                                                          T108144 T108144: DB errors with non-UTF8 characters can not be serialized by the API resolved Low (yellow) Mattflaschen-WMF (Matthew Flaschen)
                                                                                                                            T108226 T108226: Special:Version should show the versions of services that a wiki uses open Low (yellow) Amire80 (Amir E. Aharoni)
                                                                                                                            T108253 T108253: Make sure CentralAuth login tokens work with two datacenters resolved Medium (orange) aaron (Aaron Schulz) aaron (Aaron Schulz)
                                                                                                                            T108271 T108271: Extension registration does not prefix path in "ResourceLoaderLESSImportPaths" entries invalid Needs Triage (violet) Legoktm (Legoktm) Legoktm (Legoktm)
                                                                                                                              T108285 T108285: Allow defining constants in extension registration declined Needs Triage (violet) Legoktm (Legoktm)
                                                                                                                                T108322 T108322: prevent modules with broken paraminfo being deployed to production wikis open Needs Triage (violet) jayvdb (John Vandenberg)
                                                                                                                                  T108414 T108414: Load API request count and latency data from Hadoop to a dashboard open High (red) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                                                                                                                  T108417 T108417: stat1002 access for tgr resolved Medium (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza) ArielGlenn (ariel)
                                                                                                                                    T108521 T108521: Build a custom per-wiki per-template inserter tool for citation templates with URL/DOI/ISBN lookup open Lowest (sky) Josve05a (Jonatan Svensson Glad)
                                                                                                                                      T108564 T108564: Apply tags to deletion resolved Medium (orange) NicoV (Nicolas Vervelle) Anomie
                                                                                                                                        T108618 T108618: Publish detailed Action API request information to Hadoop resolved Medium (orange) Spage (S Page) bd808 (Bryan Davis)
                                                                                                                                        T108646 T108646: Set-up Citoid behind RESTBase resolved High (red) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac)
                                                                                                                                        T108721 T108721: Convert CentralNotice to use extension registration resolved Medium (orange) awight (Adam Wight) AndyRussG (Andrew Green)
                                                                                                                                          T108763 T108763: Convert DonationInterface to use extension registration resolved Medium (orange) awight (Adam Wight) awight (Adam Wight)
                                                                                                                                            T108764 T108764: Convert FundraisingEmailUnsubscribe to use extension registration resolved Medium (orange) awight (Adam Wight) awight (Adam Wight)
                                                                                                                                              T108953 T108953: Cassandra inter-node encryption (TLS) resolved High (red) Eevans (Eric Evans) Eevans (Eric Evans)

                                                                                                                                              ... further results