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Sprint Point Report

From cpt
T226556: Relocate MVP table_properties util repo from Github to Gerrit
T227096: Test migration process for session storage
T222099: Staging release of RESTBagOStuff using Kask
T224995: Document that session TTL mismatch between Kask and MediaWiki (or other applications) will be silently ignored
T221292: Establish performance of the session storage service
T226557: Integrate table_properties utility's tests into CI
T226554: Document table_properties work flow
T228308: Determine components that use MainStash1
T229931: Parsoid development setup
T221175: POST /:domain/v3/transform/wikitext/to/lint/:title?/:revision?
T231598: Compose Count Queries2
T230914: User authentication with OAuth 1.0
T231599: Compose New History Queries2
T231600: Consult with DBAs on required Endpoint queries5
T221174: POST /:domain/v3/transform/pagebundle/to/pagebundle/:title?/:revision?
T226598: REST API i18n
T231597: Implement GET History Filter3
T234488: Implement bot edit count endpoint
T231558: Implement GET page history5
T234487: Implement anonymous edit count endpoint
T234485: Implement Editors Count Endpoint
T233431: Document REST API reverted edit history filter1
T233976: Document REST API overview2
T233434: Document REST API bot edit history filter1
T233422: Document single revision endpoint2
T233433: Document REST API anonymous edit history filter1
T233429: Document REST API bot edit count endpoint1
T233428: Document REST API anonymous edit count endpoint1
T231590: Implement GET Edit Count3
T233426: Document REST API editors count endpoint1
T233427: Document REST API reverted edits count endpoint1
T233421: Document page history endpoint2
T233425: Document REST API edit count endpoint1
T231580: Implement GET Revision Comparison3
T232508: Create REST API example extension1
T233963: Add serialization options to RESTBagOStuff
T234376: Provision Kask for Echo timestamp storage in k8s
T232485: RFC: Core REST API namespace and version
T231588: Implement GET Page Revision2
T235146: Improve GET History Filter
T235558: Dashboards for monitoring of echostore
T235560: Ensure that null is not returned in place of empty string
T235663: For Compare Revision Endpoint check for page read permission
T233192: Consider splitting rest- messages to a separate file
T233423: Document revision comparison endpoint2
T231586: Deploy Updated wikidiff2 C++ Engine5
T235864: Remove "response" from comparison REST API endpoint
T235779: Implement basic routing for rest.php3
T235478: Varnish/ATS should not decode URIs for /w/rest.php
T235866: Remove extra "diff" wrapper in comparison endpoint
T235657: Compose query for minor edit history1
T235660: Add minor edit filter type to REST API history endpoint2
T236325: Deprecate `botedits` in favor of `bot`
T236324: Deprecate `anonedits` in favour of `anonymous`
T236323: Deprecate "revertededits" in favour of "reverted"
T237069: Additional param validation to Example extension
T236521: Alert user to create local config file if non-existent
T237568: Deduplicate REST error messages
T228311: Find key patterns in Redis keys that indicate components using MainStash5
T228703: Keys from MediaWiki Redis Instances
T223239: REST API Parameter Validation1
T235587: Add minor edit count to REST API history count endpoint2
T228309: Find use of MainStash in MediaWiki and extension code3
T235572: Compose query for minor edit count1
T235565: Add Core REST API examples to the Examples extension
T232355: Implement Core REST API routes and handler stubs2
T237555: Config change to enable MW REST API
T233737: Document MediaWiki integration tests
T235549: Documentation for public REST API launch
T237854: Client Developer knows semantic version of API3
T236929: Prepare MW REST API to deploy to Production
T238378: Bot edit count endpoint is timing out
T238846: Prod compare endpoint missing offset object (with from & to keys) on diff items
T232488: "json" type indicator in URL patterns
T236964: Pass section headers to wikidiff2 to get section header diffs3
T236168: Implement basic search endpoint3
T238380: History edit count endpoint limits are too low2
T236963: Deploy version 1.10.0 of wikidiff2 to production5
T237430: Add object caching and PoolCounter to minor edit count endpoint3
T235567: Investigate Monitoring Kask Availability via Integration Tests8
T235666: REST: Add 'from' and 'to' parameters to historycount endpoint.2
T235564: Implement Integration Tests for Existing iOS Endpoints5
T237562: Curator reads minor flag of a revision
T233977: Document REST API interface3
T239164: Refresh onboarding docs2
T229663: Contributor gets page source5
T142080: HTTP API typechecking method is very confusing and intimidating
T234377: Reader reads a page online2
T245676: Client Developer specifies maximum number of search results in result set1
T234375: Reader reads a page offline5
T237852: System Administrator avoids CSRF attacks on MediaWiki REST API
T237540: Remove sample REST API handler1
T247440: Edit conflict resolution in Core REST API update
T246379: Research rate limiter implementations and rate limiter-capable HTTP reverse proxies5
T250102: Fix failing tests that rely on Hooks.php
T247089: Create HookContainer.php13
T250300: Update setTemporaryHook() to use scopedRegister
T245675: Reader gets cacheable search results2
T248684: Add support for logged in clients to REST testing framework
T254400: Remove ActionAPI and REST tests from api-testing node module
T255582: Router::getRouteUrl make consistent with HandlerTestTrait::getRouteUrl
T247862: Stable Interface Policy annotations
T256826: Create E2E test for api-testing action=tag
T257464: UserFactory should have a method for constructing an anonymous User
T258606: Core REST API create endpoint generates URLs with improper encoding of spaces
T254906: Basic Helm chart covering just Envoy, no rate limiting
T259680: User Contributions endpoints: rename "name" parameter to "user"
T259145: UserDef DI
T249780: Define log in/create account pages
T259657: API Portal: Restrict anonymous editing
T254951: Performance review of enhancements to OAuth extension
T249776: Define basic workflows
T259569: API Portal: Allow Admins and Bureaucrats to manage documentation editor group
T249846: Define footer content
T259568: Add User namespace protection to the API Portal beta site
T249783: Define "Manage apps" flow
T260195: Test navigation sidebar on API Portal
T246949: Security Review Request for WikimediaApiPortal Skin
T249781: Define "Create app" flow
T259661: Restrict skin options on API Portal Beta Site
T253815: Doxygen improvements to support hook interfaces
T258824: Performance review of OAuthRateLimiter
T259736: Unify access log schema for Action API and API Gateway/REST API
T249965: Investigate mobile experience
T256793: API Portal: Design validation for WikimediaApiPortal skin
T259380: API Portal: Validate permission scheme for public launch
T249834: Configure permissions
T250303: Investigate talk pages
T260626: Enable TLS for api-gateway -> eventgate access log delivery
T260618: Replace userTalk icon with speechBubbles icon
T260303: Fix font for h1 headings
T260748: Change DevCenter to Dashboard
T260300: Switch to system fonts
T260733: Fix border on h2 headings
T259953: SVG icons should use #202122
T260308: Fix font weight for subpages in sidebar
T260304: Fix font color on headings
T260309: Remove Print/export from navigation
T260311: Consider integration between sidebar and tabbed code sample gadget
T260620: Fix border width in navigation
T260302: Fix sub-subpage styles in sidebar
T260623: Change placement of page options
T260310: Order pages in sidebar
T261775: Missing speechBubbles icon
T251803: Contributor gets own contributions by tag
T238374: Client Developer uses client-side cache5
T252202: Contributor gets their own contributions
T235073: Moderator gets user contributions
T251806: Contributor gets count of tagged contributions
T251805: Contributor gets own contribution count
T260619: Fix project icons on log out page
T261425: Configure API Portal wiki
T262491: Change tooltip on user icon
T258423: Deploy OAuthRateLimiter extension to Wikimedia Production
T257603: Implement private JWT claims support in OAuth2 extension
T259042: Document updates to the OAuth extension
T260628: Add Preferences link to user menu
T261428: Add support for iss claim in OAuth2 access tokens
T235276: Client Developer uses MediaWiki REST API
T254908: API Gateway LVS Endpoint
T260306: Error on font sizes
T260394: Don't show notifications when logged out
T262480: Allow public access to API Portal main page
T260700: Notification indicator out of place at narrower width
T260313: UI elements out of place around 1270px screen width
T260299: Change direction on header shadow
T258759: Document WikimediaApiPortal skin
T261692: Language option appearing in user dropdown
T260630: Modify user menu styles
T257839: Only include page revisions in the contributions endpoints
T256771: Client Developer makes an API call from the Web browser
T255483: API Portal: Add tabbed window gadget for code samples
T257838: Model contributions as distinct from revisions
T235272: Client Developer has a preferred API server
T257607: Develop OAuthRateLimiter extension
T236172: Implement get language links endpoint2
T256765: Client Developer reads pages on API Portal
T230843: Contributor updates a page5
T246280: Administrator assigns Client Developer to rate limit class
T230842: Contributor creates a page2
T256141: Remove/archive remaining legacy Change Propagation components
T246282: Administrator defines default rate limit class for new Client Developers
T262490: Upstream connect error on API Portal wiki
T254913: Integrate Envoy API Gateway into critical path
T262396: API Gateway doesn't respect mwdebug headers
T261696: MW REST Framework support for authenticated CORS
T262697: Make LESS files work more seamlessly across size boundaries
T246276: Adminstrator sets API rate limit for clients without an API key
T246270: Administrator sets flat rate limit for API calls
T246271: Administrator defines rate limit classes
T259296: Filter cookie headers for all API route requests
T264628: Change copy for wikimediaapiportaloauth-email-not-confirmed message
T264092: Restbase on buster
T264043: Remove Print/export from navigation
T260944: API Portal: Discuss OAuth 2.0 scopes
T264397: Check ParserOutput validity after deserialization
T263083: Code samples overflow content container
T258758: Write unit tests for WikimediaApiPortal
T263689: ParserCache::getKey should not be public
T263274: Develop styles for API reference docs
T251694: Document extension WikimediaApiPortalOAuth
T265638: Convert API-Gateway in staging to HTTPS
T260624: Enable Discussion Tools on API Portal
T262853: Replace search and bell icons with OOUI buttons
T263493: Reader gets appropriate article short description in search results
T262582: MediaWiki Developer stores specific parser HTML output in parser cache
T262590: MediaWiki Developer purges all related output from parser cache
T266153: Client ID not recorded for API Gateway requests
T262595: MediaWiki Developer stores page HTML in parser cache
T266251: PageImages extension should not write objects into ExtensionData
T266268: Translate extension should not write objects into ExtensionData
T267234: Introduce a service object for obtaining rendered output for a page
T266248: GeoData extension should not write objects into ExtensionData
T264394: Ensure content of ParserOutput is safe to serialize
T267377: Jade must not set non-json-serializable properties to JSConfigVars
T266260: Kartographer extension should not write objects into ExtensionData
T266252: TemplateData extension should not write objects into ExtensionData
T265954: Enable Parsoid on api_appserver cluster
T268043: MW REST API should be routed to api_appserver MW cluster
T255481: API Portal: Create Wikifeeds API reference docs
T255480: API Portal: Create Core REST API reference docs
T268835: Add logging to Similarusers
T268278: Make storage for old revision parser cache configurable
T268839: Move Similarusers repo out of Github and into Gerrit
T269235: [X8ehRwpAICgAALHNCUsAAACI] /wiki/clamor ErrorException from line 157 of /srv/mediawiki/php-1.36.0-wmf.20/extensions/CategoryTree/includes/CategoryTreeHooks.php: ParserOutput::mCategoryTreeTag dynamic property write access deprecated [Called from CategoryTreeHooks::parserHook]
T268844: Replace in-memory model storage with SQL-based storage
T266820: Move maps20[05-10] to production
T263579: Change ParserCache serialization format to JSON
T269236: [X8elNgpAAL8AASHtlA8AAADE] /wiki/Category:German_pronunciation_of_prepositions ErrorException from line 4021 of /srv/mediawiki/php-1.36.0-wmf.20/includes/parser/Parser.php: ParserOutput::mNoGallery public write access deprecated [Called from Parser::handleDoubleUnderscore]
T265295: PageHTMLHandler should access Parsoid directly
T267832: Refactor PoolWorkArticleView to support caching of old revisions
T267953: Configure permissions for launch
T268617: Create a variation of the CentralAuthTokenSessionProvider based on an Authorization header
T267982: Extract cached Parsoid access to an internal service object
T269869: rename ParserCacheFactory::getInstance to getParserCache
T268075: Enable caching for old revisions in production
T270361: "Edit" link on old revisions of a page links to the latest revision instead of the revision being viewed
T269593: ParserCache should use CachedBagOStuff
T268234: Evaluate ETags in core HTML endpoints
T269604: Update grafana dashboards related to ParserCache/ParserOutputAccess
T251440: Create docs for implementers of the API Gateway
T270440: Enable parsoid extension in beta cluster
T268680: Create baseline MediaWiki REST API frontend module and a ForeignApi wrapper for it
T285484: Transform comments in QueryPage.php
T285512: Add documentation for all test utilities functions in Kask
T286036: Ingest user similarity data for June 2021