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T97720: Add a tags parameter to API modules creating a logentry

From cpt
Phabricator Link T97720
Status open
Priority Low (yellow)
Phabricator Task Created 2015/04/30 06:00 PM
Wiki Page Created 2020/03/12 04:11 PM
Phabricator Task Last Modified 2020/10/16 01:03 PM
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Authored By Dr_Brains (Dr Brains)
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Project Column Date
MediaWiki-API Unsorted 1 May 2015
MediaWiki-API Needs details or plan 1 May 2015
Google-Code-In-2016 Proposed tasks 3 January 2017
Google-Code-In-2016 Imported in GCI Site 3 January 2017
MediaWiki-API Needs details or plan 13 January 2017
MediaWiki-API Non-core-API stuff 13 January 2017
MediaWiki-Change-tagging Backlog 12 March 2020
MediaWiki-Change-tagging Feature requests 12 March 2020
Platform Engineering 12 March 2020
Platform Engineering 16 March 2020