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T128602 T128602: RFC: Backend for synchronized data from Wikipedia mobile apps open Needs Triage (violet) Dbrant (Dmitry Brant)
    T129093 T129093: SHOW SLAVE STATUS as a health check should have a low timeout open Low (yellow) jcrespo (Jaime Crespo)
    T129281 T129281: Test test_content_format failing due to new member 'application/vnd.php.serialized' on Wikibase repos open High (red) jayvdb (John Vandenberg)
      T129347 T129347: API:Watchlist does not provide text and comment of log entries open Needs Triage (violet) Pastakhov (Pavel Astakhov)
        T129682 T129682: Look into solutions for replaying traffic to testing environment(s) open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
          T130381 T130381: has started reporting multiple languages open Low (yellow) jayvdb (John Vandenberg)
          T130492 T130492: Design/usability issues with new API sandbox open Needs Triage (violet) Esanders (Ed Sanders)
          T130494 T130494: API sandbox's checkbox to enable is confusing open Needs Triage (violet) Esanders (Ed Sanders)
            T130497 T130497: API sandbox: Clicking show results takes you to a separate panel open Needs Triage (violet) Esanders (Ed Sanders)
              T130639 T130639: All known clients of Parsoid HTML that require data-mw should fetch data-mw separately (if using RESTBase) or process the data-mw blob in Parsoid's pagebundle API response (if using Parsoid directly) open Medium (orange) ssastry (Subramanya Sastry)
              T130643 T130643: Content Translation should load data-mw from a separate API call alongside the body content open Medium (orange) ssastry (Subramanya Sastry)
                T130689 T130689: Google's services should load data-mw from a separate API call to RESTBase stalled Medium (orange) ssastry (Subramanya Sastry) Renxiaoyi
                  T13181 T13181: Mark bot edits in histories open Low (yellow) ToAruShiroiNeko (とある白い猫)
                    T132505 T132505: How to use VirtualRESTServiceClient::runMulti with named requests open Medium (orange) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz)
                      T132720 T132720: ApiHelp on api.php should avoid applying common.js and common.css open Medium (orange) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                        T132815 T132815: Develop a RESTBase Cassandra cluster capacity planning document open Medium (orange) Eevans (Eric Evans)
                          T132946 T132946: Deprecate videoinfo open Low (yellow) TheDJ (Derk-Jan Hartman)
                          T132947 T132947: Make it possible for extensions to add additional info to the fileinfo/imageinfo response. open Medium (orange) TheDJ (Derk-Jan Hartman)
                            T133001 T133001: Decom legacy ex-parsoidcache cxserver, citoid, and restbase service hostnames open Medium (orange) BBlack (Brandon Black)
                            T133178 T133178: RESTBase support for missing open Medium (orange) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                              T133452 T133452: RFC: Create temporary accounts for anonymous editors open Needs Triage (violet) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                T133523 T133523: Decide how to improve parsercache replication, sharding and HA open Medium (orange) jcrespo (Jaime Crespo) Marostegui (Manuel Aróstegui)
                                T133547 T133547: set up automated HTML (restbase) dumps on francium open Medium (orange) ArielGlenn (ariel)
                                  T133923 T133923: Merge browser & nodejs barebone API library open Needs Triage (violet) Yurik (Yuri Astrakhan)
                                    T134461 T134461: Evaluate increased memtable_cleanup_threshold values open Low (yellow) Eevans (Eric Evans)
                                      T134551 T134551: Create functional cluster checks for all services (and have them page!) open Medium (orange) Joe (Giuseppe Lavagetto)
                                        T134809 T134809: Apache <=> mariadb SSL/TLS for cross-datacenter writes stalled Medium (orange) aaron (Aaron Schulz)
                                        T134842 T134842: SpecialCentralAutoLogin calls User::saveSettings() on HTTP GET presend open Medium (orange) aaron (Aaron Schulz)
                                          T134872 T134872: Improve Math rendering errors open Lowest (sky) Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz)
                                          T135147 T135147: Make the domain model implemented by Site/SiteLookup/SiteStore more flexible open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                            T135149 T135149: Implement a SiteLookup based on a nested array structure. open High (red) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                              T135153 T135153: Allow Sites and Interwiki facilities to be configured consistently open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                              T135154 T135154: Maintenance script to convert between different representations of interwiki / sites info open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                              T135155 T135155: Create an adapter that implements SiteLookup on top of InterwikiLookup open Low (yellow) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                T135156 T135156: Create a SiteStore that can write JSON and PHP files open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                  T135162 T135162: Drop importSites.php and exportSites.php scripts open Low (yellow) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                  T135544 T135544: Implement mediawiki.api method to check if a page is in a certain category open Needs Triage (violet) Technical13 (Technical 13)
                                                    T135845 T135845: Convert any module as central or centralisable open Medium (orange) Rical (Rical)
                                                    T135963 T135963: Add support for Content-Security-Policy (CSP) headers in MediaWiki open Medium (orange) Bawolff (Brian Wolff)
                                                    T135964 T135964: Force pages to be fully re-parsed occasionally open Needs Triage (violet) MZMcBride (MZMcBride)
                                                      T136603 T136603: Update to support systemd-based cgroup management open Medium (orange) Joe (Giuseppe Lavagetto)
                                                        T137291 T137291: Transition all use of EasyTimeline to the Graph extension and decommission it from Wikimedia's servers open Lowest (sky) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
                                                        T137321 T137321: Run ETL for wmf_raw.ActionApi into wmf.action_* aggregate tables open Medium (orange) bd808 (Bryan Davis)
                                                          T137419 T137419: Investigate aberrant disk read throughput in Cassandra (affects 2.2.x and 3.x) open High (red) Eevans (Eric Evans)
                                                            T137461 T137461: API should warn users when results for revids are for the current version of the page and not the specific revid requested open Needs Triage (violet) Ragesoss (Sage Ross)
                                                              T137584 T137584: Allow Scribunto code to add a category without changing output open Low (yellow) Yurik (Yuri Astrakhan) Agabi10
                                                                T138093 T138093: Investigate query parameter normalization for MW/services open Medium (orange) BBlack (Brandon Black)
                                                                  T138933 T138933: Explore moving the Panoviewer gadget/Toolforge tool into production open Needs Triage (violet) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
                                                                    T139084 T139084: Allow prop=linkshere / transcludedin / fileusage to filter on given titles / templates / files open Needs Triage (violet) Umherirrender (Umherirrender)
                                                                      T139170 T139170: Provide warning about missing curl on Special:Version (or elsewhere) open Low (yellow) Jdforrester-WMF (James D. Forrester)
                                                                        T140664 T140664: Prepare MediaWiki for API-driven frontend open Medium (orange) Krinkle (Timo Tijhof)
                                                                        T140813 T140813: Protect sensitive user-related information with a UserData / auth / session service open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                        T141223 T141223: Support autoconfirmed constants in extension registration open Low (yellow) Reedy (Sam Reed)
                                                                          T141897 T141897: Review new service 'pre-deployment to production' checklist open Medium (orange) greg (Greg Grossmeier)
                                                                            T142090 T142090: Add hover-card like summary (og:description) to open graph meta data printing plain summary and headline property in the SameAs schema stalled Medium (orange) JKatzWMF (Jon Katz)
                                                                            T142313 T142313: Add global logging context open Medium (orange) Tgr (Gergő Tisza)
                                                                              T142542 T142542: LoggedOut cookie not set anymore open Lowest (sky) Mattflaschen-WMF (Matthew Flaschen)
                                                                                T142663 T142663: ExtensionRegistry does not allow complete override of config variables e.g. flat arrays open Low (yellow) Reedy (Sam Reed)
                                                                                  T143314 T143314: Get license of an extension via API open Low (yellow) Rudloff (Pierre Rudloff)
                                                                                    T143356 T143356: Separate data-mw API semantics open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                      T143372 T143372: New purge action approvement mechanism ignores page parameters open Medium (orange) IKhitron (Igal)
                                                                                        T143444 T143444: Revision API should support sizediff or sizes property open Needs Triage (violet) Jdlrobson (Jon Robson)
                                                                                          T143531 T143531: Back out the change that changed action=purge to require a confirmation page open Needs Triage (violet) Xaosflux (Xaos Flux)
                                                                                            T143733 T143733: Send Jenkins daemon logs to logstash open Medium (orange) hashar (Antoine "hashar" Musso)
                                                                                              T143967 T143967: Expose structured Content information via the API prop=revisions open Needs Triage (violet) Legoktm (Legoktm)
                                                                                                T145415 T145415: Removing admins in SecurePoll sometimes has unintended effects open Needs Triage (violet) Huji (Huji Lee)
                                                                                                  T145424 T145424: Represent normalized unit values in simple values RDF open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                                                                  T145477 T145477: Ballot type and voting system should be separated open Needs Triage (violet) Huji (Huji Lee)
                                                                                                    T145541 T145541: Make Hovercards work with Special:MyLanguage links open Low (yellow) Quiddity (Nick Wilson)
                                                                                                      T145545 T145545: "No active login attempt is in progress for your session." when trying to log in on open Medium (orange) Catrope (Roan Kattouw)
                                                                                                        T146032 T146032: Define and implement a common push notification architecture open Medium (orange) Mholloway (Michael Holloway)
                                                                                                        T147875 T147875: SecurePoll should comply with strict mode open Needs Triage (violet) Huji (Huji Lee)
                                                                                                        T148036 T148036: [SPIKE] Investigate solutions for client side event logging open Needs Triage (violet) Fjalapeno (Corey Floyd)
                                                                                                          T148049 T148049: Make APISandbox useable on mobile open Needs Triage (violet) Jdlrobson (Jon Robson)
                                                                                                          T149335 T149335: Decide how to represent quantities with units as RDF literals. open Medium (orange) daniel (Daniel Kinzler)
                                                                                                            T149847 T149847: RFC: Use content hash based image / thumb URLs open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                                              T149998 T149998: Efficient API for querying language links for multiple pages open Needs Triage (violet) Nikerabbit (Niklas Laxström)
                                                                                                                T150673 T150673: Thumb API: Varnish / CDN questions open Medium (orange) GWicke (Gabriel Wicke)
                                                                                                                  T151116 T151116: After passing the CAPTCHA page after warning, user is sent back to the Abuse Filter warning page open Medium (orange) Samwalton9 (Sam Walton)
                                                                                                                    T151399 T151399: Make service-template-node more modular open Low (yellow) Pchelolo
                                                                                                                      T151610 T151610: Add "Invert selection" to ProtectedPages (to show non-protected pages) open Needs Triage (violet) A_KLERK (Arie Klerk)
                                                                                                                        T151682 T151682: Add a new MediaWiki system message as a content header inside #mw-content-text open Needs Triage (violet) abian (David Abián)
                                                                                                                          T151739 T151739: Fix article loading (restbase config?) in contenttranslation Vagrant role open Medium (orange) KartikMistry (Kartik Mistry)
                                                                                                                            T151876 T151876: Consider using pigz (Zopfli) for Wikidata JSON dump open Needs Triage (violet) hoo (Marius Hoch)
                                                                                                                              T152346 T152346: Separate log action for moves suppressing redirects open Needs Triage (violet) GeoffreyT2000 (Geoffrey Trang) matej_suchanek (Matěj Suchánek)
                                                                                                                                T152427 T152427: Create a check/calendar alert for MariaDB TLS certs open Medium (orange) Marostegui (Manuel Aróstegui)
                                                                                                                                  T152972 T152972: Accessing private information through SecurePoll should be logged open Needs Triage (violet) Huji (Huji Lee)
                                                                                                                                  T153081 T153081: Pageviews Data : removes 1000 limit in the most viewed articles for a given project and timespan API open Low (yellow) Lena (Caroline Becker)
                                                                                                                                    T153214 T153214: Citoid restbase endpoint not configured correctly in vagrant open Medium (orange) Mvolz (Marielle Volz)
                                                                                                                                      T153236 T153236: drvstartid/drvendid missing from prop=deletedrevisions open Needs Triage (violet) Halfak (Aaron Halfaker, EpochFail, halfak)
                                                                                                                                        T153265 T153265: Language converter source text and language names cannot use <nowiki> escaping. open Medium (orange) cscott (C. Scott Ananian)
                                                                                                                                          T153474 T153474: Protections collection in ApiProtect result needs stronger naming open Needs Triage (violet) RobinHood70 (Robert Morley)
                                                                                                                                            T153801 T153801: File and global user pages should not be redirected open Medium (orange) bearND (Bernd Sitzmann)
                                                                                                                                              T153815 T153815: Allow global groups to be assigned temporarily (expire) open Medium (orange) TTO (This, that and the other) Majavah (Taavi Väänänen)
                                                                                                                                              T154240 T154240: Update the template's configuration documentation open Medium (orange) mobrovac (Marko Obrovac)
                                                                                                                                                T154324 T154324: ApiLogin returns failure on re-login by same user open Needs Triage (violet) RobinHood70 (Robert Morley)
                                                                                                                                                  T154520 T154520: API to return all user uploads open Needs Triage (violet) XXN
                                                                                                                                                    T154552 T154552: ApiLogin should not open master connection to centralauth DB stalled Medium (orange) Catrope (Roan Kattouw)
                                                                                                                                                    T154775 T154775: Add guiuserid for meta=globaluserinfo open Medium (orange) Anomie
                                                                                                                                                      T154941 T154941: API documentation unclear on hook arguments of type "Module" open Needs Triage (violet) maiden_taiwan (Dan Barrett)